Your Theory & Hazard Perception Test

The Accelerated Learning Approach – Theory Test and Learning.

Regardless of whether its theory or practical tuition you receive from me, I understand that we all learn in different ways and at different speeds. My approach is to get an understanding of your preferred learning style and then give you a structured programme to follow that best suits you. If you know your learning style and use my learning techniques, you will learn more naturally and quicker. This is called Accelerated Learning.

The Theory & Hazard Peerception Tests – As you know, there are two test you have to take and pass in order for you to be allowed to drive on your own in this country. The Theory & Hazard Perception Test is the first exam you have to take. You have to pass both parts of this and once you have passed this you can then go on and book your Driving Test.

The Theory Test is computer-based and consists of 50 multiple choice questions. You must score at least 43 out of 50 to achieve a pass. You will be shown a series of questions with approximately 4 answers for you to choose from where you will have to choose one or more of these correct answers. This can be done by either a click of the mouse or depressing the keyboard. At the bottom of this page you will find a link to my Theory Test Pro page – By visiting this page you can login and practise both the Theory & Hazard Perception tests and even take mock tests too. The more prepared you are for your actual test the better chance you have of passing first time.

TheoryThe Hazard Perception Test – This consists of 14 video clips that will be played back to you on the screen. Each video clip will contain an actual hazard, but one clip will contain two actual hazards. When you see the hazard first starting to develop that’s when its time to click. Be careful though, as clicking too many times can result in that score being disqualified. The computer will know how many times you have clicked. I will give you all the information necessary for both the Theory and Hazard Perception tests and make sure you are fully prepared. During you practical lessons with me we will have plenty of opportunity to discuss this and put it all into practise through your driving. Please visit my Theory Test revision section by clicking on the Theory Test Pro┬áimage.