Lesson Prices

Theory training course – FREE (please see the link on my Theory page to access the Theory revision and practise questions)

Manual Lessons – £40.00 per hour
generally, lessons can either be a 1 hour, 1 and a half hours or of 2 hour duration)

Manual Refresher Lessons – £40.00 per hour

Automatic Lessons – £42.00 per hour

Automatic Refresher Lessons – £42.00 per hour

Pass Plus – A course of 6 lessons £210.00 (If you live in Hampshire you will receive £75.00 from the Hampshire Road Safety Scheme)

Driving Instructor Training – £40.00 per hour

Intensive Courses (a deposit of £300 non- refundable is required)
– £1,110
Automatic – £1,140
So you receive the best service possible, you must have passed your theory test and be in a position to book your driving test to coincide with your intensive course. We find it much better if you can take your driving test at the end of your intensive course or as close as possible to the end of your course. This is so that you can take your driving test while all of the information and skills we teach you is still fresh in your memory. If you have driven before an initial assessment will be done but if you haven’t driven before you will need to do between 2 – 6 hours with your instructor at our normal hourly rate which is £40 per hour manual/£42 per hour automatic before commencing Intensive Driving Course. Please call us to discuss your requirements for our intensive driving courses, we can then work out a plan for you.

Your driving test fees are your responsibility. You can click on the Theory & Driving test fees link for up-to-date test fees Theory & Driving test fees.

When you recommend a friend who books 10 lessons with me you will receive a free 1 hour lesson.