ADI Training

Train to become a Driving Instructor

As well as teaching new drivers, I also offer Driving Instructor Training to the general public who also are looking into changing their career and want to become a Driving Instructor or even want to become a Driving Instructor as a second career to supplement their income.

My ethos is that I believe that training to become a Driving Instructor should not cost you thousands of £££’s. On a national average, big companies such as BSM, AA etc can charge you approximately £2,500 to £3,000 and upwards? I believe you should pay just for the training and support you get and not the overheads for a big company such as their office rent, accountancy teams, company cars, Directors bonuses etc.

By paying less does not necessarily mean you are getting less, that’s why my prices for Driving Instructor Training are very competitive and work either on a “Pay as You Go” basis or a pre-set price training package options. Whichever course package you choose you will get the right amount of training tailored to your needs and I will teach you the skills that will place you amongst the top 5% of drivers in the country.

You are not just buying a training package; you are buying a new career, a new lifestyle and the backing and support of my skills and knowledge of which I have accumulated through my years of training and development experience.

You will also benefit from extensive personal development on an individual basis. Most Driving Schools will take your fee without offering you any type of development training – a recipe for disaster. Personal development is key to your success in this industry. Please contact me for more details.